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Roman Shades

Roman Shades

Roman Shade Designs
For a limited time only, we are offering an exclusive offer to our customers that cannot be beat! Combine any of our shade designs with any Royal, Traditional, & Classic Design and receive 5% OFF your entire order!
Contact our customer service for more information.
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                                                   20 SQFT MAX = *$224.00                     $11.20 per square foot                                                                  WAS = *$280.00                    $14.00 per square foot
                                                   40 SQFT MAX = *$408.00                    $10.20 per square foot
                                                               WAS = *$510.00                     $12.75 per square foot
                                                  60 SQFT MAX = *$568.00                     $09.47 per square foot
                                                               WAS = *$710.00                      $11.83 per square foot
                                                  80 SQFT MAX = *$704.00                     $08.80 per square foot
                                                               WAS = *$880.00                      $11.00 per square foot
                                                 100 SQFT MAX = *$824.00                     $08.24 per square foot
                                                                WAS = *$1,030.00                  $10.30 per square foot
                                                 120 SQFT MAX = *$904.00                     $09.42 per square foot
                                                                WAS = *1,130.00                    $07.53 per square foot
                                                 140 SQFT MAX = *$984.00                     $08.79 per square foot
                                                                WAS = *$1,230.00                  $07.03 per square foot
        160 SQFT + = Contact Customer Service

*Price does not include accessories such as tassels, rods, rosettes, trims,  etc. Price does not include material. Price includes only labor  for the specified SQFT in the chart above. Price includes our 20% OFF offer,  but  it is only valid when material for the project is purchased from us. For more information contact our customer service.

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Step 1: Choose Design

Step 2: Choose Fabric

Step 3: Contact Us

In order to decorate your window properly you should take a look at its size and shape first; what will compliment its silhouette and surrounding furniture, rugs, lamps, wall color, etc. Then you can go into choosing the right style for the window and finally selecting fabrics. It is really a simple 3 step process.

For expert advice & help, contact us to set up a Free In-Home Consultation.

Benefits of Window Treatments

1. Help lower heating costs
2. Reduce light & minimizes noise
3. Prevent furniture discoloration from the sun
4. Add privacy and extra security
5. Reduce glare on TV screen

Fabric Packages

Once you have decided on one of these designs please click on the link below to choose the fabric of your choice.

Multiple Windows

If you are planning on using multiple designs or a specific design on multiple windows. Visit our Window Packages page for more information.


Sheers can provide light control, privacy and protection from discoloration to your furniture from sun rays. Sheers are also great for allowing outside view when closed.

Sheers cost a one low rate of $1.00 per inch in width, up to 96" high.

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