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Measurement  Guide

If you have any questions regarding our measurement guide, please feel free to contact us and one of our representatives will be more than happy to answer them.

For your convenience we have provided a custom built PDF form right on our website for you to easily fill out and send your measurements for DIY Designs.

Visit the link below.

How To Calculate Total Square Feet


At Frontline Curtains we took an extra step and built a pricing system based on Square Footage. With this system our customers can easily measure their windows, figure out their Square Feet and calculate accurately how much their preferred designs labor & installation will cost for their size window or windows.

To Calculate Total Square Footage, you multiply length x width and then divide by 144.

For example based on the illustration to the left;

Step 1: Length (68") x Width (96") = 6528

Step 2: 6528/144 = 45.33 SQFT

Step 3: Round 45.33 SQFT up to 46 SQFT
for estimating purposes.

Mounting Considerations


The inside mounting method is most commonly used for shades.
It also provides a finished look without covering the window molding.

Frame Depth for the inside mounting method is required to be at least 2 inches.

Certain window handles or cranks can interfere with an inside mount window treatment.
In such a case you may consider choosing an Outside Mount.

As presented in the illustration to the left, Squareness refers to making sure your window is "square". To verify that your window is "square," you measure diagonally from one corner to the other, implying all corners.

If both side measurements differenciate over a 1/2 of an inch, the Outside Mounting Method would need to be used instead. If the Outside Mounting Method is not used in such a case, the Inside Mount window treatment may not work properly or look unattractive due to gaps.

Inside Mount Measurement Guide

Step 1: Measure the inside width at 3 different locations; top, middle, and bottom.

Step 2: Measure the inside height at 3 different locations; left, middle, and right.

Step 3: Record the longest width & length for both steps mentioned above.


Using the Outside Mount method, the window treatment is mounted on the wall or molding.

There are several reasons to go with an Outside Mount Method. This method can hide a less attractive window or make it appear slightly larger. It can also be the alternative method to the Inside Mount Method, if the window is not square or the frame depth is not at least 2 inches.

The Outside Mount Method requires at least 2 inches of a flat surface above the window.


Outside Mount Measurement Guide

Step 1: Measure the desired width for the area you wish to cover. Adding extra inches for overlap can reduce the amount of light.

Step 2: Measure the desired height for the area you wish to cover.