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Exclusive Frontline Curtains Designs

Royal Designs

Royal Design Curtains showcase an old imperial fashioned style. Beautiful rich fabrics such as silks, shining taffeta, trims, surrounded with rosettes and rods to accentuate the design of the curtains. We can as well pin up the sides of the drapes in many different styles, on the sides and on the top. Royal designs show luxury and uniqueness of the room or home.

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Traditional Designs

Traditional Design Curtains are a mix of classical and conventional styles, similar to our  “Royal design” collection. But much less take on rich accessories and luxurious fabrics. Its characteristics are more simple and contemporary, yet still elegant taking you back in time.

Visit the link below to see beautiful Traditional Designs.

Classic Designs

Classic Design Curtains are simple yet elegant. Made up of suttle fabrics and a minor touch of accessories providing the beauty of simplicity combined with a touch of minor accessories. Classic Design Curtains are very versatile and can complement any room with elegance and beauty.

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Multiple Windows

At Frontline Curtains we bundle all size projects whether they are small or large, to fit your desired budget. That is why we have set up an easy way for you as our  customer to see just how much you can save on multiple windows.  

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Fabric Packages

There is thousands and thousands of different types of pattern, color, price on fabrics to choose from. That is the reason why at Frontline Curtains we help make your search more simple and enjoyable by spending countless hours to hand select fabrics that will fit your price range. With the best suppliers in the industry; Duralee and Kravet just to name a few, you can receive the best deal for your money. 

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Custom Designs

At Frontline Curtains we provide custom designs to truly accomnodate your specific needs and wants in helping to create the curtains of your dream. We will make sure you have endless possibilites in customizing your window treatments. Our great passion & skills create unforgettable designs with outstanding service; on choice of fabrics, trims, and accessories which will help you in every step in designing the curtains or drapes of your dream.

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