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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What payment methods do you accept?

    Frontline Curtains accepts cash, money order, certified checks, personal checks, and credit cards. Frontline Curtains will not accept personal checks as a form of final payment.

  2. How do I order my desired window treatment?

    Simply contact our customer service and set up a Free In-Home Consultation.

  3. How do I order a DIY Design?

    All of our DIY Designs are custom made to your liking. Simply fill out the DIY Design Order Form and one of our representatives will be in contact with you promptly to finalize your order.

  4. Are all the designs showcased on the "Exclusive Designs" page fully customizable?

    All of the designs showcased on our website are for inspirational purposes and can be customized to your specific needs. Simply set up a Free In-Home Consultation and let our designer know at the time of the appointment about your interests.

  5. Are you able to provide me with a truly custom design specifically made just for me?

    Our designers have years of experience in the field. We have the capabilities to truly reflect your visions on your windows. Contact our customer service or you can visit our Custom Design Order Form and fill out our user friendly form.

  6. I have found a specific fabric that I am interested in, how can I find out the price per yard?

    Our high-volume orders of fabric from our suppliers provide our customers with the most competitive prices anywhere. For pricing of specific fabrics, make a note of the Supplier, Fabric Code and contact our customer service.

  7. How can I know how many yards of fabric I need for my project?

    There are several different factors that can affect the exact amount of fabric required. Make a note of the desired designs, measure the length and width of your windows and provide our customer service with such information.

  8. Am I able to purchase only fabric from you?

    Yes. Contact our customer service with your fabric selection and our representatives will make sure to provide you with the lowest price possible.

  9. Do you provide Free Fabric Samples?

    Yes. Make a note of the Supplier, Fabric Code and contact our customer service. We have a limit of up to 5 samples per customer and fabric samples need to be returned within two weeks. We would require credit card information in case the fabric sample is not returned or lost. We also do not cover any shipping charges related to ordering and returning fabric samples.

  10. What is Square Feet?

    Square Feet is ( length ) x ( width ) divided by 144.

    Our labor & installation charges for any design are calculated by Square Feet. This pricing method provides our customers with a quick and efficient way to know just how much their project will cost. If you are having any difficulties feel free to contact our customer service for help.

    We also suggest that you visit our Online Estimate Tool page to easily calculate your entire new project.

  11. Am I able to receive an estimate without a In-Home Consultation?

    Although we strongly recommend a Free In-Home Consultation, we are able to provide a rough estimate via email. Our customer service would require that you send over your window measurements, chosen fabrics, trims, hardware, and accessories. Our customer service will review the provided information, research for possible savings and send back an estimate within 24 hours.

  12. Do you perform commercial projects?

    Frontline Curtains has an extensive connection of suppliers in the industry. We are able to tackle on any size project with superior quality and quick turn-around time. Visit our Commercial Projects page for more information.

  13. What is your lead time for Commercial Projects?

    Being that commercial projects are rather large and very time consuming. We would prefer that we receive at least 4 weeks notice prior to the desired completion of the project. For more information and lead time, contact our Commercial Projects Team via email.


  14. How can I order Designer furniture from Kravet or Duralee?

    We have strong relationships with both suppliers which provides us the ability to receive the best price possible and translate such savings to our customers. Simply make a note of the desired product and from which supplier you found it from and contact our customer service. Our representatives will then contact the supplier and negotiate the best price possible.

  15. How can I order Designer Shades or Blinds from Kirsch?

    Simply make a note of the desired product or products and contact our customer service. Our representatives will then negotiate the best possible price from the supplier and translate the savings to you!

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